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How tall? Estimation Valley Golf Practice estimation skills in one of three courses: the putting green, the junior course, or the pro course. Glowla's Estimation Contraption Estimate the numbers and get the sum as fast as you can.

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Rounding Sharks Round a given number to the nearest hundred and select the correct spaceship. Suitable for grade 1 and grade 2. Rounding Round the numbers and dollars. Rounding Spaceships Round a given number to the nearest ten and select the correct spaceship.

Play the original trivia game show! Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? for Android!

Rounding FlashCards Round the numbers. Rounding Practice Round the numbers and collect points.

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Estimator Four Play against a partner in this game that is similar to Connect Four. Correctly estimate the answers to addition or multiplication problems.

Hangman Rounding Round to thousands, add or subtract to get answer. Rounding Off Round off numbers to significant figures, decimal places, nearest 10, or Rounding Number Game Round the number to collect stars. Rounding Master Math Millionaire Read the problem and answer the rounding question. Try to become a Rounding Master Math Millionaire! Rounding Off Round the decimals. Rounding Decimals Round the decimals.

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Scooter Quest Decimals Rounding Help Jimmy make enough money to buy a scooter for his paper route by choosing the correct house. Beat the Clock You will be shown 6 decimal squares, one at a time, and asked to type in the decimal for the shaded part of each square.

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If you finish before the time on the clock runs out, you will beat the clock. Decimal Darts Throw darts to pop the balloons.

Type a decimal within the range to aim the dart. Half-Court Rounding Round whole numbers and decimals to play basketball. Soccer Math Rounding Decimal Game Practice your knowledge about rounding decimals to the nearest whole numbers. Rounding Numbers to the nearest Rounding Numbers mixed. Rounding Decimals to the nearest ones. Sites that deliver raw data c. Statistical information d.

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Sites for Probability and Stats. Professional Resources from UK - back to contents -. Teachit Maths : huge resource base free and subscription - from Bath The Tutor Pages - search for Maths Tutors in your area, and resoruces articles. A James Grime Cambridge University : bits and pieces - singingbanana.

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